What is Click+Collect?

    How to shop with it?

    1. Choose from wide range online 1. Choose from wide range online

    1. Choose from wide range online

    Choose from more than
    14 000 products online, select your collection point in Tesco store and preferable date and pick up time.

    2. We'll prepare your shopping 2. We'll prepare your shopping

    2. We'll prepare your shopping

    We shop for you as we do it ourselves and store it chilled or even frozen at -19°C, so you always get everything fresh as well as in the store.

    3. Pick up the shopping on the way home 3. Pick up the shopping on the way home

    3. Pick up the shopping on the way home

    Come to collect the shopping on a chosen day (2-hours slot) for example on your way from work. We will load the whole purchase directly in to your car's trunk, so you don't even need to get off the car. All you need is number of your ID and your order.

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        Do you charge different prices online to the prices in store?

        No. The prices you will pay online are the same as in the store. This includes all promotions.

        Special Multibuy offer „X+Y free“

        For products in multibuy action which reduces the price, for example “2+1”, special logo “Add 3 pay for 2” will be placed next to the product. To get a discount add to your shopping trolley 3 the same units of product and on the day of delivery you will pay only for 2 products. Discount will be visible on a receipt during delivery. Multibuy promotions are valid till every Tuesday.

        How to set our Price?

        The prices of products shown on the website during your ordering is valid on the day of placing your order until 11 p.m. on the same day. At the time of delivery the price of certain products may differ from the price quoted on the Potraviny on-line website. This could be because:


        - The prices of some products may vary between when you place your order and when it is delivered.

        - Your Personal Shopper may weigh products like fruit and vegetables or pick pre-packed weighed products like meat, poultry and cheese. This means the price will vary slightly in store from what is shown on the website.

        - Sometimes the products ordered are not available. When this happens we will always try to offer you a substitute product. We will try to substitute it for a product of a quality comparable to the original product you ordered, and of a similar price.

        - Some special offer discounts are only deducted from your bill on the day of your delivery if the offer is still applicable.


        The final price of the products you have ordered, including the substitute products, will be notified to you by electronic delivery note sent to your e-mail address stated during your registration prior to the delivery. If you receive a product that you don’t want to keep because it is priced differently to when you checked out on the website, you don’t have to accept it. You can return any product to the driver and your payment card will not be charged for the cost of the unwanted products. For more information see Terms and Conditions.

        What is Click+Collect?

        Click+Collect offers all the benefits of shopping online with the added convenience of picking your groceries up from a Tesco store at a time that suits you.

        Why would I use Click+Collect?

        Even more convenient - Let us do the hard work for you - Your grocery shopping picked, packed and safely stored for collection at a time to suit you - Pick up your shopping while you're out and about, on the way home from work, after the school run or even as you return from holiday - Just come to the collection point and we'll do the rest - Temperature controlled collection point - All products are picked on the day of collection and safely stored in the fridge, freezer or cupboard until you arrive - Every regular in-store offer in one place - It's easy to spot the bargains

        How do I use Click+Collect?

        1. If your registered store offers Click+Collect Groceries, you will see the Click+Collect option when you 'book a slot'. In the case that your address is NOT in the registration form and you are interested in this service, you can create a registration to any address in the city, where is a shop with a serving place. 2. Choose your 2 hour time slot to collect from store* 3. Place your grocery order online 4. Pick up from the dedicated collection point at the time you have chosen and go! * See the website for available slots.

        Why can’t I see Collection as a shopping method option on the website?

        We are currently only offering the Click+Collect service from some of our stores. If you can’t see the option, we don’t yet offer the service from your store. For more information contact the customer services team.

        Where do I collect my shopping?

        The exact location of the collection point varies by store; you will see clear signage as you enter the store car park. You can see the address of your chosen store on your email confirmation.

        What proof of ID do I need to bring?

        Please bring your order number and the credit card you used online to pay for the goods or your photo ID. If you are paying on collection you will need to bring your credit card and order number. Unfortunately we will be unable to give you the shopping without any of these forms of ID.

        Can somebody else collect my shopping for me?

        Yes, if you have a copy of the confirmation email with order number. Unfortunately without this we will not be able to give you the shopping.

        When can I collect my shopping?

        Slots are available 7 days a week. Available slots will be displayed on the ‘book a slot’ page.

        What happens if I am late for my collection slot?

        Please check with the member of staff at your collection point, and they will advise you on where to collect your shopping.

        What happens if I am early for my collection slot?

        Unfortunately we will not be able to serve you before your collection slot.

        How much does it cost?

        The price for the Click+Collect service is shown when selecting the pick-up time.

        Where will my groceries be stored during my collection slot?

        All products are picked on the day of collection and safely stored in the temperature controlled collection point in the fridge, freezer or cupboard until you arrive.

        Will my shopping be in bags?

        Your shopping will be in bags.

        Do I have to arrive in a car for a drive through collection?

        We recommend you drive to the collection point so that we can put your groceries straight into your car. However you can arrive using any method of transport, including by foot. Please be aware that the vehicle height limit is 2.8m.

        What happens if something I have ordered is not available?

        On the rare occasion that a product you order is not available we'll try to offer you an alternative. You can hand back any unwanted items to the member of staff at the collection point and your order value will be amended.

        What do I do if I'm not happy with the substitute I am given or would like an item refunded?

        Your substitutions will be presented at the top of the receipt and will be in blue bags. If you choose to return the substitution the customer service assistant will amend your order value and you will not be charged for that item. You will need to go into the store if you would like to choose an alternative product.

        Can I amend or cancel my Click+Collect order on the website?

        You can amend your order by going to "My Orders". Up to 11pm on the day before the order is due for collection, you will be able to add/remove products to the order. You will not be able to change your shopping method or your slot. Don't forget to checkout the order again to ensure that all changes are saved. Orders may be cancelled via "My Orders”. An order can be cancelled up to 11pm on the night before collection.

        Any questions? We are here for you

        Call us for free on our Customer line, daily from 07:00 to 23:00.
        We will be happy to answer all your questions. Please prepare your order number and choose number 3 on our Customer line for faster processing of your request.